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Much to the dismay of my parents, I started my journey into becoming a tinkerer by smashing open a computer with a hammer to see what was inside. Thankfully, my methods evolved when I was introduced to the magic of the screwdriver, allowing me to eventually learn to build my own machines.

Today, my passion for robotics and autonomous system has lead me not only to develop my own robotic fleet, but to intern repeatedly for NASA, aiding in in-space assembly work. I currently work for the Field and Space Experimental Robotics Laboratory at Virginia Tech.

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  • Present
    Aug 2018

    FASER Lab at Virginia Tech

    Control Systems Researcher

    Involved in Lab management and software design. Maintain 3D printers, waterjet, and laser cutters. In charge of Optitrack Motion Capture System. Responsible for development of kinematics algorithms for highly parallel and overactuated robots.

  • August 2019
    June 2019

    NASA Langley Research Center

    Control Systems Researcher

    Responsible for converting custom robotic software to ROS compatibility. Constructed ROS bridges and interfaces in python and C++ and visualized kinematics of tendon actuated robots. Mentored a Summer Residential Governor's School student in robotics, and taught Python and Electronics.

  • August 2018
    Aug 2017

    NASA Langley Research Center

    Control Systems Researcher

    Responsible for programming autonomous robots pertaining to the CIRAS (Commercial Infrastructure for Robotic Assembly And Services) utilizing programming languages including Matlab/Simulink, C++, Python, and Processing. Applications designed include pathfinding for inverse Kinematic dependent robotic systems, coordination of multiple robots in a team, metrology development, and drive system techniques.

  • Aug 2016
    Jun 2016

    NASA Langley Research Center

    Student Researcher

    Through the Stem Takes Flight (STF program, I worked as a student researcher in the Engineering directorate at NASA LaRC. My work focused on SUAS autonomy and control, developing flight systems to allow for a "mother" UAV to control smaller COTAS SUAS to demonstrate maximum altitude limits without the risk of losing control.)

  • May 2016
    July 2015

    Rappahannock GoodWill Industries

    ADC Attendant

    Worked in an outdoor ADC (Attended Donation Center) for RGI. Job duties included accepting donations, sorting and tagging clothes, writing receipts for donors, and functioning without any direct supervision for long periods of time. I was responsible for keeping my trailer clean, and preforming the heavy lifting required for moving donated materials to the main store.


  • Present

    Virginia Tech College of Engineering

    Computer Science

    BS of Computer Science in progress, minoring in Cybersecurity and Mathematics. Practical focus in robotics.

  • 2017

    Germanna Community College

    Associates of Electrical Engineering

    Attended Germanna for Electrical Engineering while also participating in the Engineering Club and beginning my work with NASA through internships and workshops

  • 2015

    SHS Commonwealth Governor's School

    High School Degree

    Attended Stafford Senior High School as a member of the Governor's School Program. Graduated with the Governor's Seal and Advanced Studies Diploma

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